This project would not have been possible without the generous financial support of the University of Oxford, through the John Fell Fund, and the University of Birmingham, through the Research and Knowledge Transfer Fund.

Richard Buckner provided IT development for the database and interface, including the mapping function. Juliane Zachhuber has been responsible for inputting most of the data with great efficiency and care. Charles Crowther gave crucial support on the Oxford side, especially by providing web hosting through the website of the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents. This project grew out of a suggestion by Stephen Lambert. The catalogue of proxenies presented by Christian Marek in Die Proxenie (Frankfurt am Main 1984) provided a crucial starting-point and checklist for compiling the data in PNAW.

This database makes use the unique person identifiers of the Lexicon of Greek Personal Names for proxenoi (where they exist). The mapping function of this database has been enabled using place URI's provided by Pleiades and co-ordinates collated by them principally from the Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilization and the Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire (although for some political communities different co-ordinates have been substituted using satellite photographs). The map tiles used are those made available by the Ancient World Mapping Centre through Mapbox.

The data presented here is made available for sharing and reuse under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (cc-by). Individual searches and the whole dataset can be downloaded in CSV format.

PNAW is released as a work in progress. Comments and suggestions for improvement on the database and interface are welcome. Even more welcome are corrections for the data contained as well as offprints and notifications new attestations.

Project director: William Mack, Associate Professor in Ancient Greek History and Culture, University of Birmingham w.mack (at)